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    wow Token talk

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    They should allow a free token market similar to EVEs, and let the players set the price.
    While there are similarities the EVE Plex and the WoW Token function differently in a very important aspect. With EVE Plex you can invest in it, and the market supports investing from the ground up. With Plex you can buy with ISK and resell a few months later in ISK again. Their economy is built entirely different to support that kind of playstyle. It's very interesting but it just wouldn't work in WoW.

    As someone that plays both EVE and WoW, they have similar player feedback towards PLEX that you see about the WoW Token. Almost the exact same, so just adopting their market wouldn't magically fix what problems you think it has. Us regulating its growth and decay allows us to keep it from fluctuating too wildly and impacting server economies. You'd be pretty upset if you bought a WoW token and in the time it took you to list it on the market its value dropped 40% because someone decided to unload and crash the value. That can happen in EVE. That's not really a negative about the game, its just designed to allow that kind of market behavior.

    While it's validating to have a blue post in response to this, your response doesn't really address the main issue -- a game outside of World of Warcraft (and Blizzard) is going to be influencing its economy.
    Adding games to the launcher doesn't influence WoW's economy. It influences the cost of the token, sure. However it doesn't affect the overall economy. 

    Tokens do not inject gold into the economy. The same gold always exists. If the price jumps up 50k someone is still paying that 50k that already existed and someone will receive that same 50k.

    It reduces the value of gold in regard specifically to the Token because the Token itself is worth more but it doesn't change the value of say flasks or food or change the amount of gold circulating between players. There is gold inflation naturally through expansions but its not because of the Token or adding things to the launcher or Battle.net store.

    So if tokens are sold out that means all the available gold is now locked away in tokens.
    No. That means that not enough players have bought tokens. It's happening right now. People aren't buying enough tokens with real money to satisfy the demand so the tokens are selling out.

    Untill these tokens are converted back into gold, the total ammount of gold available will have to come from in game rewards, thus increasing the total ammount of in game gold.
    You can't convert a token "back into gold". Doing those activities would still increase gold in the economy regardless of tokens being present or not.

    Then, if a mass sell off happens, the token price should drop significantly untill the gold is again locked up in an even larger number of tokens.
    The price can only increase or decrease so much an hour. If a mass sell off were to happen the same amount of gold would still exist in the economy. Tokens at their time of purchase have a fixed value of what they were worth at that time. You cannot gain or lose value of it once it is bought. 

    Repeat until things even out or crash.
    It can't unless you have another way to counteract the inflation. The price could crash very slowly but again the same gold still exists unless there is something else removing it (vendors, repairs, AH cuts, etc).

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