• Check Out the New WoW Esports Site!


    We’re really excited to share the new WoW esports site with you. It’s a space dedicated to the people and players who live and breathe esports, like us. The information you’ll see there focuses entirely on competitive tournaments, talented teams and their stories, live events and recaps, video and streaming content, leaderboards, announcements, and more. 


    Here’s what you’ll find:


    Arena World Championship—Catch last year’s BlizzCon finals for high drama and player passion.
    Regional qualifiers—Check out all the info about how each region qualifies for the tournament.
    Global schedule—Find out what awesome WoW esports events are coming up near you.
    NA/EU points standing—Stay up-to-date with the leaders and challengers.
    Latest news—Read up on the latest WoW esports tournaments in the highlights section.
    How to compete—Think you’ve got what it takes to defeat the best in your region? Go right ahead! Sign-up your dream team today!
    Tournament info and FAQs—Have a question? Curious about the upcoming tournaments? Want to get involved but not sure how? Check out this section to learn more.


    Want to see it in action? Head there now to see which teams are on top in the qualifier cups, what you can do to get involved, and important announcement dates for your calendar.


    Do you have what it takes to compete? Of course you do, there’s no doubt in our minds. Sign-ups for the NA Arena Cups #4 and #5 open on Monday, July 10. BlizzCon finals await you, champion!

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