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    Blizzard has published their Patch 7.1 Survival Guide Video. Topics include the Return to Karazhan Dungeon, Trial of Valor Raid, Suramar Campaign, updated Nagrand Arena, and new Illidan Quests including The Hunt for Illidan Stormrage and Soul Prism of the Illidari.

    Stay tuned for Wowhead's own 7.1 Survival Guide in a few days, covering additional topics like Leveling Changes, Alcaz Island, and Profession Updates.
      New Illidan Quests
    The end of the video quickly referenced some new Illidan quests. Some of the quests in the series will be:
    The Hunt for Illidan Stormrage: Seek out Allari the Souleater at Illidari Stand in Azsuna. Allari the Souleater, an oracle of the Illidari, has been on the hunt for Illidan's soul for quite some time. She now believes that she has discovered its location and requires your assistance in its recovery.

    Find Allari at Illidari Stand in Azsuna and aid her in any way possible. If Sargeras truly plans to use Illidan's body as a vessel for his own return then returning Illidan's soul to his body is integral in preventing the dark titan from returning to our world! Soul Prism of the Illidari: Claim 80 Lingering Soul Fragment from the final bosses of Legion dungeons. Higher difficulty dungeons provide a greater chance and quantity of Lingering Soul Fragment. Currently the Lingering Soul Fragment currency is marked as a cap of 80 (the amount needed for the quest) with a weekly cap of 10. Alas, I will not burden you with the location of the master's soul just yet, <name>. First we must craft a soul prism powerful enough to hold the master's boundless chaotic energies.

    To do this I require lingering soul fragments from powerful beings found across this world. Bring me enough and I will craft a soul prism capable of holding the soul of the master - at least long enough to transfer into the naaru. Players with high-enough Artifact Knowledge can progress through some quests currently on Illidan's backstory, starting with An Unclear Path:
      Blue Posts
    Havoc Demon Hunters
    Originally posted by Blizzard (View Original)Collapse Hey all,

    I know everyone is asking "when" but it can be hard to put timing to these things. As soon as I hear something, I will share it.

    We want to make sure we have something of substance to share so we can have a more open discussion about where we are heading with Havoc moving forward - making sure we have these conversations first internally among the development team is something that needs to happen first, and does take some time.

    I appreciate your patience in the mean time, and know that I'm reading along here.

    Edit: Sorry for double post. Forum pls work with me.   Hey everyone,

    Bit of an update here - we’re looking into potentially making some changes to a few of Havoc’s talents, to diversify your options a bit and make certain rows feel more like there’s a choice to be made.

    No details to share just yet, and these changes won’t make it into Patch 7.1, but we’re working on it. Outlaw Rogues
    Originally posted by Blizzard (View Original)Collapse Hey everyone,

    Thanks again for your patience here as it does take some time to make sure we go over all the feedback we receive - we've been having a few conversations based on the feedback in this thread and throughout the community, and I wanted to share our thoughts on Roll the Bones, as well as the state of Outlaw overall.

    Roll the Bones is a spec-defining ability for Outlaw Rogues, and there’s a lot of depth to the gameplay of reacting to the various buffs that the Bones can provide, as they alter the flow and pace of combat. We’re happy with how it’s played out, and there are very few class mechanics that can rival the excitement of getting that elusive 6-buff at just the right time.

    That said, we recognize that that playstyle might not sit well for everyone, which is why we created Slice and Dice as an alternative to opt-out of the Roll the Bones playstyle. Marked for Death and Death From Above take a little more effort to use effectively, and need to give enough of a benefit to reward that effort, but we’re going to take another look at Slice and Dice to make sure it’s living up to expectations. If it isn’t, we’ll look into making some improvements.

    Separately from Roll the Bones, we do feel that Outlaw’s DPS has ended up a little lower than we’d like it to be, and are looking into some options to bring it up a bit. We don’t have an ETA just yet on when that might happen, but it’s on our to-do list. Zoom Effect
    Originally posted by Blizzard (View Original)Collapse Can you ask the dev team to do one small test before considering this to go live? Try the Lorlathil daily where you have to gather the nuts. I have to zoom way in to click on them, otherwise the click region is so small, it's frustrating. I'm sure there are other quests that will be similar (catching the squirrels or whatever they are) in hyjal, for instance. This doesn't affect the amount you can zoom in, only the amount you can zoom out. We did take situations like this into account, but we don't believe players are necessarily reducing their maximum camera view distance for this (rather than just mouse-wheeling to zoom in).
    Game Director Ion Hazzikostas is answering all of your questions about Patch 7.1: Return to Karazhan. We will be summarizing his answers below in this liveblog. This is not a direct transcript of the Q&A; to see new updates, please refresh the page. To see updates several minutes faster, please be logged into Wowhead.

    Patch 7.1 will be live October 25th with the Raid Trial of Valor on November 8th!
    In the latest round of Blizzard hotfixes, items from Emissary rewards will now have an ilvl closer to those from World Quests. Emissary caches tended to have loot in the ilvl 805 range, which didn't feel rewarding after World Quest rewards were scaling up to ilvl 835 before Titanforged procs.

    If you are suddenly interested in completing World Quests again, you can see which Emissaries are up on Today in Broken Isles on Wowhead's front page.
    This week Outland Timewalking is up as the Weekly Bonus Event and Blizzard is hosting another Q&A, this time on Patch 7.1:
    Outland Timewalking is great for Timewarped Badge and farming  Reins of the Infinite Timereaver. Don't forget to pick up the quest A Burning Path Through Time from Archmage Timear in Dalaran. Complete 5 Outland Timewalking dungeons to receive a  Cache of Nightmarish Treasures (cache quality dependent on your progression),  Accolade of Victory, and a  Seal of Broken Fate. Catch up on Patch 7.1 details with our profession preview and Return to Karazhan guide. The weekly World Boss is Withered J'im once again this week. Upon killing him you will complete DEADLY: Withered J'im and have a chance at getting loot. The most notable loot item that he drops is  Unstable Arcanocrystal.

    Mythic+ Affixes for this week are Raging, Necrotic, & Tyrannical. Complete the highest Mythic+ you can get for the end of the week Challengers Bounty.

    This weeks Kosumoth item is  Hungering Claw.

    Check out the full post for more information and details.
    From Legendary and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, WARCRAFT arrives on Blu-ray™ and DVD today in the U.S. and Canada! Head to your favorite retailer now to bring the battle for Azeroth home.
    Check out a brief behind the scenes featuring Ben Foster as Medivh.
    As a bonus, inside select physical editions of WARCRAFT on Blu-ray™ and DVD, movie fans will find digital keys that unlock the following extras for a trio of Blizzard games:
    Medivh Hero in Hearthstone – Unleash your favorite Mage deck as the Guardian of Tirisfal. Gul’dan Hero in Heroes of the Storm – Rain fel fire down upon the Nexus as this twisted orc Assassin. Digital copy of World of Warcraft – Start your own adventure in Azeroth—or ask a friend to join you on your journey. Includes 30 days of game time for new players. These goodies are only available inside select Warcraft Blu-ray and DVD editions from Universal. They’re not available when you purchase the movie digitally through a digital distribution site or platform, so be sure to pick up your physical copy wherever Blu-ray and DVDs are sold. Check product and promotion availability with your local retailer.
    In World of Warcraft: Legion, a new questing feature is available at level 110 called World Quests.
    This new system represents a major change from how player characters used to make regular progression daily or weekly. In Legion, you’ll find the war against the Legion taking place on multiple fronts all over the Broken Isles, and a wide variety of World Quest options available to you from professions to PvP to story-driven tasks, and more.
    Getting Started
    World Quests become available to players at level 110. Once you’ve reached this level you’ll be provided a quest from Khadgar within Dalaran called “Uniting the Isles” which asks you to reach “Friendly” with five key factions within the Broken Isles. In order to do this however, you’ll need to make sure you’ve participated in each of the available zones:
    Azsuna: Court of Farondis Highmountain: Highmountain Tribe Stormheim: Valarjar Suramar: Nightfallen Val'sharah: Dreamweavers Completing the zones won’t be necessary to reach Friendly. Following the main questline for each should be enough to get you there.
    As a reward for your endeavors, you’ll receive your Flight Master’s Whistle, and available World Quests will begin to appear within each zone’s map. You won’t see the quests within the larger Broken Isles map so will need to click on the individual zone you’re interested in exploring. Hovering your mouse over the quests on the map will also show you what tasks will need to be done to complete the quest and the rewards you’ll receive for completing it. It will also show you the remaining duration that the quest is available for.
    If you’ve downloaded the new Legion Companion App for your mobile device, you can also keep track of the available World Quests within it when you’re not at your computer. Learn more about the app in our overview article and video.
    Tip: The Flight Master’s Whistle is one of the most-useful items around—when you activate it, you’ll be (almost) instantly whisked away to the nearest known flight master. More than ever before, you’ll want to get to know all of the flight masters in every zone!
    Times and Places
    Each of the zones within the Broken Isles offer a variety of World Quests and you and everyone else on your realm will be offered the same World Quests at any given time. This is a great way to group up with friends, guildmates, or anyone else that just happens to be in the same area. 
    World Quests come in varying durations, and those that are more difficult (and rewarding) typically have longer durations. This allows you a bit more flexibility when deciding on which to do and when to do them. There’s no limit on how many World Quests you can do, but keep in mind completing World Quests doesn’t cause more World Quests to immediately spawn. With this in mind, you’ll be able to plan things out and make the most of your time.
    A Variety of Offerings
    There are many different types of World Quests that you’ll see on your map. They might include:
    Solo adventures. Challenge that require multiple people. Profession advancement. World Bosses Dungeon challenges with a group. Pet Battling. Player-versus-Player activities. You’ll get to see several details about each World Quest before you travel to it, thus being able to pick and choose which of these quests will benefit you most. Those details include rewards offered, such as:
    Gold Artifact Power Blood of Sargeras PvE or PvP gear Profession reagents Pet Charms Reputation with a specific faction Some rewards scale with your current item level.
    Special Requests
    There are hundreds of World Quests available within the Broken Isles, so you won’t be seeing too many of the same World Quests anytime soon. You will want to keep your eyes on short World Quest chains called Emissary Quests, which reward you with a valuable satchel when you complete them. Each day, a new Emissary Quest chain will become available, and you can have up to three Emissaries at the same time. These will be displayed at the bottom left corner of your map and will show additional information on the requirements for each when you click on them.
    Each of the Emissary World Quest turn-ins offers reputation with the primary faction of its associated zone. That means that if your biggest focus is Nightfallen reputation, you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss the Emissary World Quests in Suramar when they’re available.
    Questions and Answers
    On July 14, Senior Game Designer Jeremy Feasel answered many questions about World Quests. Check it out:
    Learn more on Wowhead’s World Quest Overview.
    Artifact weapons are powerful tools in the fight against the destructive forces of the Burning Legion. Azeroth’s heroes can wield one Artifact per class specialization, and powering them all up can be achieved with a little help from Artifact Knowledge.
    First Things First
    Early on in Legion, every level 100 character receives a quest to obtain their first Artifact weapon. For most players, their first choice is to acquire the weapon for the spec they’ve chosen to “main,” or play primarily. But with the ability to switch easily between specs, things become a little bit more complex at level 102 when you’re given the option to collect your class’s remaining Artifact weapons.
    Some players might be conflicted whether they want to spread Artifact Power out among all their weapons or just concentrate on one—to help you decide the right path for you, let’s talk about what you can expect as you’re powering up your weapons, including a mechanic that ramps up how quickly you can acquire Artifact Power.
    Knowledge Is Power
    Once you reach level 110, a new quest will become available in your Order Hall which will allow you to start requesting Research Work Orders. Each work order yields Artifact Research Notes, which provide additional lore about all of your available Artifact weapons—as well as increases the rate at which you gain Artifact Power for all of your classes’ weapons. 

    Bonus Power
    There are many ways to gain Artifact Power, and many activities provide additional Artifact Power bonuses, including when you run a dungeon, raid, or engage in PvP for the first time that day. If you’re looking for the most efficient way to power up, then taking part in a variety of activities will help empower your weapon quickly.
    Alternating Power
    As your Artifact Knowledge increases, empowering your Artifact Weapons will go a bit quicker—but at what point should you look at ranking up your second—or even third—Artifact weapon? Here’s something to consider.
    Once you reach rank 13 on a weapon, the cost of working that weapon up another rank increases sharply. You could continue working to empower that weapon—or you could switch to your next weapon, as the cost of ranking up from 1 to 13 will be less than working on your main weapon from rank 13 to 14. 

    Alternately Empowered Characters
    What happens if you have more than one character to work on? While concentrating on a single character and their associated weapons will lead more quickly to mastery of those weapons, everyone plays at a different pace, and some enjoy playing alts—and we wanted to make sure players in these camps didn’t feel like the Artifact system would leave them behind.
    One “hidden” feature of the Artifact system is that the rate at which your Artifact Knowledge Work Orders complete speeds up over time. The system keeps track of the time that it’s been since the release of the expansion, and how long it takes to process Artifact Knowledge Work Orders and gain Artifact Knowledge will reduce as time goes on. So whether you’re just working on an alternate character or you’re not playing cutting-edge player, the system will gives you ways to “catch up” as time goes on.
    With so many ways to gain Artifact Power, the choice is ultimately yours on which weapon you choose to empower. You can read more on Artifact Knowledge in Wowhead’s Artifact guide here.
    The time has come for all brave challengers to confront the twisted denizens of the Emerald Nightmare, do battle in the Arenas of Legion PvP Season 1, and delve into dungeons with a new Mythic Keystone in hand.
    Welcome to the Nightmare
    The Emerald Nightmare raid is now available in Normal and Heroic difficulty! Great rewards await those who dare to take on the seven malignant foes who dwell within.
    Learn more about this new Raid in our previe: 7 Eerie Reasons to Enter the Emerald Nightmare.
    Here's the remainder of the raid unlock schedule:
    Tuesday, September 27–Mythic difficulty for the Emerald Nightmare Raid dungeon opens. The first wing of Raid Finder difficulty for Emerald Nightmare opens. Tuesday, October 11–Raid Finder Wing 2 of Emerald Nightmare opens. Tuesday, October 25–Raid Finder Wing 3 of Emerald Nightmare opens. Accept the Challenge of Mythic Keystones Now when you complete your first Mythic dungeon each week, you’ll be rewarded with a Mythic Keystone, enabling you to unlock new challenges within the Mythic dungeons and achieve greater rewards.
    Learn more in our Mythic Keystone Dungeons Preview.
    Legion PvP Season 1 Begins
    Get yourself out to the field of battle! In addition to all of the rewards available to you when you achieve new Prestige levels, rated Arenas are back!

    Seasonal PvP rewards will now be given to the top percentages of players in each faction, instead of in relation to the entire player base.
    Learn more about the new PvP Honor and Prestige system here.

    Brewfest 2016 Guide

    Par Wiwiwi, dans Accueil

    Brewfest 2016 Guide (Legion 7.0.3)
    Last updated Yesterday at 08:31 by Damien 24 comments   Brewfest is the World of Warcraft counterpart of the famous Oktoberfest, the largest faire in the world, held every year in Munich, Germany.
    As its name suggests, the event consists in a virtual celebration of fictional World of Warcraft beers. Alcohol being a central theme in Brewfest, the event is very slightly different on the European realms. This was necessary for the game to keep its PEGI 12 rating.
    Parts of the events are opened to all players with no level restriction. As Brewfest is updated from one year to the other, full completion in 2015 requires level 99.
    The event itself takes places outside of Ironforge if you play Alliance or Orgrimmar if you play Horde. Many rewards can be earned: mounts, epic gear, pets, achievements, a title, and vanity items.
    This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to complete the event.
    The 2016 version of the event brings updated loot from Coren Direbrew (item level 810 this year) and a new toy: Gravil Goldbraid's Famous Sausage Hat.
    1. Overview
    The event can be broken down in two components:
    daily quests, which reward tokens (the currency of the event); killing Coren Direbrew in Blackrock Depths, which has a chance to reward a vanity item, mounts, and epic gear. Achievements can be earned while doing daily quests, when killing Coren Direbrew, or by purchasing specific items with tokens.
    1.1. Currency
    The currency used during Brewfest is Brewfest Prize Token. As the tooltip states, the tokens require Brewfest and will disappear when the event ends. This means that they cannot be kept from one year to the other.
    Brewfest Prize Tokens used to be an alternative currency. As such, items purchased with these tokens could previously be refunded, which made it easy to get some achievements as one could simply buy a required item to obtain the related achievement before refunding the item. Since Brewfest 2010, Brewfest Prize Tokens are no longer an alternative currency and items bought with them can no longer be refunded.
    1.2. Date and Timeline
    Brewfest usually takes place around the same time as Oktoberfest, its real world counterpart. This year, Brewfest will start on the 20th of September and will end on the 6th of October.
    There is no progression through the event, each day brings you the same daily quests that were available from day 1. Completing all the achievements and collecting all the rewards will take a varying amount of time, depending on your skill at collecting tokens. In average, it takes 8 to 10 days. Buying the remaining toys and vanity items takes, in average, 7 to 9 more days.
    As we explain in the Keg Run section, the number of Brewfest Prize Tokens you can earn in a given day vary according to your ability to perform a specific assignment.
    On the first day, you can earn (approximately) between 135 and 165 tokens.
    On subsequent days, you can earn between 35 and 65 tokens.
    To complete the event, you need to spend between 750 and 770 tokens (depending on whether you get a mount from Coren Direbrew or not). To buy the remaining vanity items, you need to spend another 600 tokens. As you can see, the 2-week duration of the Faire is not enough to get all the rewards available.
    1.3. Rewards
    The rewards offered by Brewfest are detailed in this section.
    1.3.1. Experience Buff
    At 6:15 AM and 6:15 PM, you can witness the Tapping of the Keg ceremony at the event locations, outside Orgrimmar or Ironforge. Doing so will grant you Brewfest Enthusiast, which increases your experience earned by 10% for 2 hours.
    1.3.2. Toys
    Several toys are sold by Belbi Quikswitch (Alliance) and Blix Fixwidget (Horde):
    Brewfest Banner for 100x Brewfest Prize Tokens; Steamworks Sausage Grill for 200x Brewfest Prize Tokens; Brewfest Pony Keg for 100x Brewfest Prize Tokens; Brewfest Keg Pony for 200x Brewfest Prize Tokens; Pandaren Brewpack, for 100x Brewfest Prize Tokens. In addition, Keiran Donoghue (Alliance) and Bron (Horde) sell Gravil Goldbraid's Famous Sausage Hat for 100x .
    1.3.3. Vanity Items
    Direbrew's Remote has a chance to drop from Coren Direbrew. Prior to Brewfest 2010, this item used to be very useful for teleporting your group to Coren Direbrew, in Blackrock Depths. Coren is now only accessible by queuing in the Dungeon Finder tool, which removes most of the appeal that this item used to have.
    Preserved Brewfest Hops temporarily turns your mount into a Swift Brewfest Ram if you play Alliance or into a Great Brewfest Kodo if you are Horde. The item has only one charge and will disappear after you use it. The effect lasts until you dismount. Preserved Brewfest Hops can be bought for 20 Brewfest Prize Tokens from Belbi Quikswitch if you play Alliance or from Blix Fixwidget if you play Horde.
    If you play Alliance, you can buy Belbi's Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles from Belbi Quikswitch for 100 Brewfest Prize Tokens. Equipping these goggles will make everyone look like male Gnomes.
    If you play Horde, you can buy Blix's Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles from Blix Fixwidget for 100 Brewfest Prize Tokens. Equipping these goggles will make everyone look like female Orcs.
    Belbi Quikswitch and Blix Fixwidget also sell the different parts of the Brewfest Garb (required for one of the achievements, Disturbing the Peace):
    Hat (50 Brewfest Prize Tokens each): Blue Brewfest Hat Brown Brewfest Hat Green Brewfest Hat Purple Brewfest Hat Chest (200 Brewfest Prize Tokens each): Brewfest Dress Brewfest Regalia Feet (100 Brewfest Prize Tokens each): Brewfest Boots Brewfest Slippers The first edition of Brewfest, in 2007, saw players be given a Yellow Brewfest Stein for participating in the event. In 2008, they received a Blue Brewfest Stein, and in 2009, a Green Brewfest Stein. Unfortunately, in 2010, no new stein was offered and this led a disappointed community to think that steins would no longer be given during Brewfest. In 2011, a new Brewfest stein was available: Overflowing Purple Brewfest Stein. This year, sadly, there is no new stein.
    Finally, Brewhelm, which attaches two tankards to your head item and can be bought with 2 Brewfest Prize Tokens, is sold by Belbi Quikswitch (Alliance) and Blix Fixwidget (Horde).
    1.3.4. Pets
    Three pets are available to players participating in Brewfest: Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm, Wolpertinger's Tankard, and Stout Alemental.
    The Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm is bought with 100 Brewfest Prize Tokens. The Wolpertinger's Tankard is bought with 200 Brewfest Prize Tokens on European servers and is a quest reward on North American servers. The Stout Alemental is sold for 200 Brewfest Prize Tokens. 1.3.5. Mounts
    The two mounts rewarded by the event are: Swift Brewfest Ram and Great Brewfest Kodo. Both have a chance to drop from Coren Direbrew, regardless of your faction.
    1.3.6. Gear
    In past Brewfest events, Coren Direbrew's loot tables have been updated to match the item level of the current content. This year seems to follow this trend, as many Brewfest-related items, with a 810 level, have been added to the game by Mists of Pandaria:
    Item Name Type Main Stats/Effects Mithril Wristwatch Trinket Spell Power/Crit Thousand-Year Pickled Egg Trinket Intellect/Healing Coren's Cold Chromium Coaster Trinket Attack Power/Crit Brawler's Statue Trinket Dodge Bubbliest Brightbrew Charm Trinket Stamina Bitterest Balebrew Charm Trinket Stamina 1.3.7. Achievements and Title
    Brewmaster is the meta-achievement of the event. It gives the Brewmaster title and requires the following Brewfest achievements:
    The Brewfest Diet: requires level 65 to complete Direbrewfest: requires level 99 to complete Does Your Wolpertinger Linger? Brew of the Month Down With The Dark Iron Have Keg, Will Travel Other achievements can also be earned during Brewfest, but they are not necessary to complete the Brewmaster meta-achievement:
    Brew of the Year Disturbing the Peace Drunken Stupor Strange Brew (Alliance / Horde): requires level 65 to complete A Brew-FAST Mount is a Feat of Strength earned by looting one of the two mounts from Coren Direbrew 2. Faire Area and NPCs
    Brewfest takes place in rather confined areas, in Dun Morogh (Alliance) and Durotar (Horde), inside which there are many NPCs that you will need to interact with during the event. Before we walk you through the event, we present you with maps of the respective Alliance and Horde areas and mark the locations of the important NPCs, as well as the location where the attack from the Dark Iron Dwarves (see related section below) happens.
    For Alliance players, Brewfest is located at the same place as usually. For Horde players, a Dranosh'ar training camp has been built where the Faire used to be. Therefore, the Horde Brewfest is now located slightly west of its former position.
    2.1. Alliance
    The important NPCs for the Alliance Brewfest are located as follows:
    For convenience, we also give the coordinates where each NPC is located:
    Thunderbrew Apprentice: 56.60, 36.98 Gordok Brew Apprentice: 55.48, 36.66 Barleybrew Apprentice: 56.07, 38.06 Keiran Donoghue: 56.03, 36.37 Anne Summers: 56.47, 37.69 Arlen Lochlan: 55.58, 38.18 Goldark Snipehunter: 55.14, 37.69 Belbi Quikswitch: 56.40, 37.80 Becan Barleybrew: 56.14, 38.03 Daran Thunderbrew: 56.58, 36.88 Neill Ramstein: 53.70, 38.52 Ipfelkofer Ironkeg: 55.14, 38.05 Boxey Boltspinner: 54.68, 38.06 2.2. Horde
    The important NPCs for the Horde Brewfest are located as follows:
      For convenience, we also give the coordinates where each NPC is located:
    Drohn's Distillery Apprentice: 40.48, 18.13 T'chali's Voodoo Brewery Apprentice: 40.25, 16.99 Gordok Brew Apprentice: 40.93, 16.88 Bron: 41.24, 17.32 Agnes Farwithers: 40.23, 17.65 Uta Roughdough: 41.04, 18.35 Glodrak Huntsniper: 41.23, 18.53 Blix Fixwidget: 40.32, 17.89 Cort Gorestein: 40.56, 18.18 Ja'ron: 40.2, 17.07 Ram Master Ray: 42.61, 17.83 Tapper Swindlekeg: 41.57, 18.44 Bizzle Quicklift: 41.53, 17.6 3. Preliminary Quest
    As is the case with many seasonal events, commoners in capital cities will offer an optional preliminary quest: Brewfest! (Alliance/Horde). Simply go to the Brewfest location and speak to the organiser: Ipfelkofer Ironkeg for Alliance players or Tapper Swindlekeg for Horde players. The organiser himself also gives the quest.
    4. Ram Racing
    Together with slaying Coren Direbrew, Ram Racing constitutes the very essence of Brewfest, i.e., this is what you will be spending most of your time doing.
    4.1. Basics of Ram Racing
    When accepting Ram Racing related quests (we detail them in subsequent sections), your character is mounted on a Ram and you are provided with an extra action bar button to cast Giddyup!. The first time you accept such a quest, it is strongly advised that you take a few seconds to bind a key to this action bar button. Indeed, repeatedly clicking this button to maintain the speed of the Ram and over the course of several minutes is highly uncomfortable.
    When on a Ram, you gain a new stacking buff: Ram Fatigue. The faster you go, the faster the buff stacks. If it reaches 100, your Ram becomes exhausted and will walk very slowly until it recovers. Your Ram only knows 5 different speeds (except for normal speed, they are all indicated by you gaining a related buff):
    Normal: 50% slower than on-foot running speed, recovers 4 Ram Fatigue stacks per second; Ram - Trot: 25% faster than on-foot running speed, recovers 2 Ram Fatigue stacks per second; Ram - Canter: 100% faster than on-foot running speed, adds 1 Ram Fatigue stack per second; Ram - Gallop: 185% faster than on-foot running speed, adds 5 Ram Fatigue stacks per second; Exhausted Ram: 85% slower than on-foot running speed, last 15 seconds and removes 15 stacks of Ram Fatigue. The more frequently you use Giddyup!, the faster the Ram goes. It has been reported that:
    not using Giddyup! at all will maintain the normal speed; using Giddyup! every two steps will maintain Ram - Trot; using Giddyup! every second will maintain Ram - Canter; spamming Giddyup! will maintain Ram - Gallop. 4.2. Prerequisite Quest
    When you arrive at Brewfest, the first quest you should do is Now This is Ram Racing... Almost. (Alliance/Horde), given by Neill Ramstein to Alliance players and Ram Master Ray to Horde players. It enables all the other Ram Racing activities.
    To complete the quest, do the following:
    Maintain Ram - Trot for 8 seconds, this will not build any Ram Fatigue stacks. Maintain Ram - Canter for 8 seconds, this should be 8 stacks of Ram Fatigue. Maintain Ram - Gallop for 8 seconds, this should not add more than 40 stacks of Ram Fatigue, leaving you ample time to slow down before reaching exhaustion. You have 4 minutes to complete the quest. As you can see, this is more than enough.
    4.3. Barking Daily Quests
    After completing the prerequisite quest, you will be given the chance, every day, to promote one of the two breweries related to your faction, by barking for them at 4 locations in Orgrimmar or Ironforge. Simply go to the designated locations, and the barking part will be done automatically. You must reach all 4 locations within 4 minutes while riding a Ram. Succeeding will reward you with 15 Brewfest Prize Tokens.
    Alliance players have the choice between Bark for the Barleybrews! given by Becan Barleybrew and Bark for the Thunderbrews! given by Daran Thunderbrew.
    Horde players have the choice between Bark for Drohn's Distillery! given by Cort Gorestein and Bark for T'chali's Voodoo Brewery! given by Ja'ron.
    The barking part is automatically done as you reach the designated areas.
    In both Orgrimmar and Ironforge, the quest is made easy by the fact that 4 minutes are alloted for completing the 4 barking objectives. Once you have completed them, you can take as long as you need to go back to the quest giver. If you have an epic ground mount or a flying mount, you can dismiss the Ram and finish the quest on your own, faster mount.
    The optimal Ram's usage seems to be to always remain in Ram - Canter and slow down to Ram - Trot when your stacks of Ram Fatigue get close to 100, in order to remove them.
    4.4. Keg Run
    The Keg Run is the traditional name of a Brewfest daily quest, Brew for Brewfest (Alliance/Horde), given by Neill Ramstein to Alliance players and by Ram Master Ray to Horde players. It consists in driving a Ram efficiently to fetch kegs of beer from a nearby location and bring them back to Brewfest. Each delivery gives Brewfest Prize Tokens. Therefore, the faster you go, the more tokens you can gather in the alloted time.
    4.4.1. Unlocking the Keg Run
    To unlock the Keg Run, you need to do the prerequisite quest: There and Back Again (Alliance/Horde), given by Neill Ramstein to Alliance players and by Ram Master Ray to Horde players.
    This quest serves as an introduction to the Keg Run, the only differences being that you are limited to 3 deliveries and you receive 10 Brewfest Prize Tokens for completing the quest, no matter how fast you are.
    For the deliveries, simply go to the designated location (Kharanos for Alliance players), where a keg will automatically be thrown to you. Note that you need to have a free inventory slot to receive the keg. Then, come back to the quest giver area to deliver the keg. You will find 4 buckets of apples along the road, which reset your Ram Fatigue when you pass very close to them.
    4.4.2. Keg Run Rules
    Once you have completed the prerequisite quest, you can go back to the quest giver every day to do more deliveries. He will propose you a daily quest, Brew for Brewfest (Alliance/Horde), which completes instantly if you accept it. Then, you will be mounted on a Ram and you can start the deliveries.
    The Ram expires after 4 minutes. Each delivery adds 30 seconds to the timer. If you are efficient, you can do deliveries in 40 seconds or a bit less, enabling you to do over 20 deliveries. Since each delivery rewards 2 Brewfest Prize Tokens, the more deliveries you do, the faster you will be able to complete the event.
    4.4.3. Efficient Keg Runs
    There are two key points to do efficient keg runs:
    make good use of the buckets of apples; turn around before getting the keg or delivering it. There are 4 buckets of apples in total. Passing next to them removes your stacks of Ram Fatigue, enabling you to constantly be at Ram - Gallop. They are positioned as follows (for Alliance and Horde Brewfest alike):
    one a bit behind the quest giver; one at 1/3 of the way between the quest giver and the NPC that gives you the kegs; one at 2/3 of the way between the quest giver and the NPC that gives you the kegs; one a bit behind the NPC that gives you the kegs. Ideally, you only want to make use of the second and third buckets. Keep the other two (those behind the NPCs) for backup purposes, for example when the second of third bucket did not reset your stacks of Ram Fatigue (it can happen).
    Turning around before you reach the NPCs can make you gain precious time. When you fetch the keg, you can turn around at about 20 yards from the NPC. He will still throw the keg at you and it will eventually catch up with you while you ride back to Brewfest. The same works for the delivery part, although it seems that you need to get a bit closer, around 15 yards.
    Below, you will find a rather optimised route for Alliance players. Aim for the third bucket on the way to the keg and for the second bucket on the way back.
    Next, you will find an optimised route for Horde players. As for the Alliance Keg Run, aim for the third bucket on the way to the keg and for the second bucket on the way back.
    5. Dark Iron Dwarves Attack
    Every 30 minutes, the Dark Iron Dwarves from Blackrock Mountain use their transporter to invade Brewfest. To defend the camp, you need to drink beers and throw the empty mugs at the Dark Iron Dwarves.
    5.1. Training Quest
    To get started, you should do the Chug and Chuck! quest (Alliance/Horde) given by Boxey Boltspinner to Alliance players and by Bizzle Quicklift to Horde players.
    This quest will train you to target enemies with a mug. Basically, you need to attack the robot located behind the quest giver's stand. Drink from a Complimentary Brewfest Sampler and the empty mug will be automatically thrown at the robot, if you are targeting it.
    Upon completion, this quest will reward you with 10 Brewfest Prize Tokens.
    5.2. Repelling the Attack
    Every 30 minutes, digging machines will start surfacing in the middle of the Brewfest location. Dark Iron Dwarves will then exit the machines and attempt to destroy the 3 big beer kegs nearby.
    To defend Brewfest, loot a mug of beer from a nearby table. Every time you empty it (by right-clicking it), your character will throw it at a random enemy. Then, the mug automatically refills and you can immediately use it again. You do not need to specifically target a dwarf, the game seems to choose a nearby target.
    Sometimes, NPCs will drop large mugs on the ground. Using them grants a sort of whirlwind power that takes out many Dark Iron Dwarves.
    After a few minutes, the dwarves will leave. If the beer kegs are still intact, the defense is successful, otherwise it is failed.
    It is a good idea to announce the attack in general chat, as players will usually come to help.
      5.3. Daily Quest
    After a successful defense, you will notice a cogwheel in the middle of the faire. It fell off one of the Dark Iron Dwarves' transports. The item offers you the This One Time, When I Was Drunk... quest (Alliance/Horde). Turning it in rewards you with 10 Brewfest Prize Tokens and the Down With The Dark Iron achievement.
    Note that while you can participate in the defense of Brewfest as many times as you wish over the course of a single day, you will be able to turn in the daily quest, and receive its reward, only once.
    6. Obtaining your Pets
    Brewfest provides you with two unique pets: Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm and Wolpertinger's Tankard. The Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm can be bought for 100 Brewfest Prize Tokens from Belbi Quikswitch (Alliance) or Blix Fixwidget (Horde). The Wolpertinger's Tankard is obtained differently on the North American and European servers.
    6.1. Wolpertinger's Tankard on North American Servers
    Goldark Snipehunter (Alliance) and Glodrak Huntsniper (Horde) provide you with the two following quests: Pink Elekks On Parade (Alliance, Horde) and Catch the Wild Wolpertinger! (Alliance, Horde). The former enables you to earn extra Brewfest Prize Tokens (see next section) and the latter rewards you with the Wolpertinger's Tankard pet.
    Catch the Wild Wolpertinger! requires you to capture 5 Wolpertingers around Brewfest. Note that Hunters and Druids can display the location of nearby Wolpertingers on their minimap thanks to Track Beasts.
    To see the Wolpertingers, you need to be drunk. Either drink alcoholic beverages until you see the You're feeling drunk off of... message or wear the Synthebrew Goggles that the quest giver provides you with if you ask him.
    To capture a Wolpertinger, simply target it and use the provided quest item (Wolpertinger Net).
    6.2. Extra Quest on North American Servers
    Pink Elekks On Parade rewards you with 40 Brewfest Prize Tokens and requires you to kill 3 Pink Elekks at each of the following location:
    Alliance: Stormwind: just outside the city's entrance; Darnassus: inside the city, near the exit towards Nordrassil; Exodar: just outside of the main exit (the one facing Azure Watch). Horde: Silvermoon: just outside the city's entrance; ThunderBluff: next to the base of the west-side elevator; Undercity: in the courtyard. To see the Pink Elekks, you need to be drunk. Either drink alcoholic beverages until you see the You're feeling drunk off of... message or wear the Synthebrew Goggles that the quest giver provides you with if you ask him.
    To kill the Pink Elekks, simply target them and use the provided quest item (Elekk Dispersion Ray).
    6.3. Wolpertinger's Tankard on European Servers
    Because killing and capturing animals while being drunk is not compatible with the PEGI 12 game rating of World of Warcraft in Europe, the two quests Pink Elekks On Parade (Alliance, Horde) and Catch the Wild Wolpertinger! (Alliance, Horde) are not available to European players.
    This changes two things:
    European players have a 40 Brewfest Prize Tokens deficit for not being able to complete Pink Elekks On Parade. It has never been compensated in previous editions of Brewfest. The Wolpertinger's Tankard can be bought for 200 Brewfest Prize Tokens (minus reputation cost reductions) from Belbi Quikswitch (Alliance) and Blix Fixwidget (Horde). 7. Coren Direbrew
    Coren Direbrew is the boss of the Brewfest event. He is located in Blackrock Depths and you can only access him through the Dungeon Finder tool. Only level 99 and 100 characters are able to queue. Queuing transports you directly to Coren. To engage him, talk to him, insult him, and do not apologise.
    The fight is relatively easy. Simply control his sidekicks and nuke him down.
    The first time you kill Coren, you can loot Direbrew's Dire Brew from his corpse. This item starts the Direbrew's Dire Brew quest (Alliance/Horde), which rewards 40 Brewfest Prize Tokens.
    The first time you kill Coren on a given day, you receive a Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest in your inventory. This chest has a chance to contain some of the following items:
    Tremendous Tankard O' Terror; Direbrew's Bloodied Shanker; Direbrew's Remote; Great Brewfest Kodo; Swift Brewfest Ram. Every time you kill Coren, the following trinkets have a chance to drop:
    Mithril Wristwatch; Thousand-Year Pickled Egg; Coren's Cold Chromium Coaster; Brawler's Statue; Bubbliest Brightbrew Charm; Bitterest Balebrew Charm. 8. No 2012/2013/2014/2015 Brewfest Stein?
    The first 3 editions of Brewfest rewarded a stein vanity item that did not come back in the 2010 edition: Yellow Brewfest Stein in 2007, Blue Brewfest Stein in 2008, and Green Brewfest Stein in 2009. The 2011 edition rewarded an Overflowing Purple Brewfest Stein.
    These items were always the reward of an easy souvenir quest, given by Neill Ramstein's assistant (Alliance) or Ram Master Ray's assistant (Horde), to be turned in to Belbi Quikswitch (Alliance) or Blix Fixwidget (Horde). This souvenir quest was enabled by completing the Now This is Ram Racing... Almost. quest (Alliance/Horde).
    Sadly, this year, there does not appear to be a new stein to collect. This was already the case last year, the previous year, and the year before that.
    9. Remaining Achievements
    If you have followed the guide so far, you should have already completed the following achievements:
    Direbrewfest: by killing Coren Direbrew; Have Keg, Will Travel and A Brew-FAST Mount: if you were given a Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest containing a Brewfest mount; Does Your Wolpertinger Linger?: after completing the Wolpertinger quest (for North American players) or buying it from the token redeemer (for European players); Down With The Dark Iron: after successfully defending Brewfest from the Dark Iron Dwarves' attack and turning in the related daily quest for the first time. In the remainder of this section, we will walk you through the achievements that you still need to complete.
    9.1. Have Keg, Will Travel
    If you did not obtain a Brewfest mount (Great Brewfest Kodo or Swift Brewfest Ram), you can complete the Have Keg, Will Travel achievement by buying any of the following items and applying it on one of your mounts:
    Fresh Brewfest Hops: this item, which you can only keep during Brewfest, costs 2 Brewfest Prize Tokens and transforms your mount into a Brewfest Ram (Alliance) or a Brewfest Kodo (Horde). Fresh Goblin Brewfest Hops: this item, which you can only keep during Brewfest, is only available to Alliance players, costs 5 Brewfest Prize Tokens, and transforms your mount into a Brewfest Kodo. Fresh Dwarven Brewfest Hops: this item, which you can only keep during Brewfest, is only available to Horde players, costs 5 Brewfest Prize Tokens, and transforms your mount into a Brewfest Ram. Preserved Brewfest Hops: this item, which you can keep even after Brewfest is over, costs 20 Brewfest Prize Tokens and transforms your mount into a Brewfest Ram (Alliance) or a Brewfest Kodo (Horde). All of these items have only one charge and will disappear after being used. The temporary decoration they grant to your mount will expire when you dismount.
    9.2. A Brew-FAST Mount
    A Brew-FAST Mount simply requires you to kill Coren Direbrew at least once a day, hoping to get a Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest containing Great Brewfest Kodo or Swift Brewfest Ram.
    9.3. Drunken Stupor
    Drunken Stupor is the drunk version of Going Down?. Simply go back to the location you used for Going Down?, drink alcoholic beverages until your character is smashed, then jump.
    9.4. Strange Brew
    Strange Brew (Alliance / Horde) requires you to buy and taste various beers (each for less than 4 ) from different vendors located at Brewfest. The achievement cannot be completed by players below level 65 and its objectives differ between Alliance and Horde.
    Alliance From Thunderbrew Apprentice Thunder 45 Thunderbrew Ale Thunderbrew Stout From Barleybrew Apprentice Barleybrew Clear Barleybrew Dark Barleybrew Light From Gordok Brew Apprentice Gordok Grog Ogre Mead Mudder's Milk Horde From Drohn's Distillery Apprentice Small Step Brew Long Stride Brew Path of Brew From T'chali's Voodoo Brewery Apprentice Jungle River Water Brewdoo Magic Stout Shrunken Head From Gordok Brew Apprentice Gordok Grog Ogre Mead Mudder's Milk The beverages disappear from your inventory and your mail when Brewfest ends.
    9.5. The Brewfest Diet
    The Brewfest Diet requires you to buy and taste Brewfest food (each for less than 15 ) from various vendors located at Brewfest. The achievement cannot be completed by players below level 65.
    From Keiran Donoghue (Alliance) or Bron (Horde) Dried Sausage Pickled Sausage Savory Sausage Spicy Smoked Sausage Succulent Sausage The Golden Link From Anne Summers (Alliance) or Agnes Farwithers (Horde) Spiced Onion Cheese From Arlen Lochlan (Alliance) or Uta Roughdough (Horde) The Essential Brewfest Pretzel The food items disappear from your inventory and your mail when Brewfest ends.
    9.6. Disturbing the Peace
    Firstly, Disturbing the Peace requires you to buy a complete Brewfest Garb from your Brewfest vendor, Belbi Quikswitch (Alliance) or Blix Fixwidget (Horde):
    Hat (50 Brewfest Prize Tokens each): Blue Brewfest Hat, Brown Brewfest Hat, Green Brewfest Hat, or Purple Brewfest Hat. Chest (200 Brewfest Prize Tokens each): Brewfest Dress or Brewfest Regalia Feet (100 Brewfest Prize Tokens each): Brewfest Boots or Brewfest Slippers Secondly, you need go to Dalaran, wear the 3 pieces of the Brewfest Garb, get as drunk as you possibly can, before finally using the /dance emote.
    9.7. Brew of the Month & Brew of the Year
    With 200 Brewfest Prize Tokens, you can buy the "Brew of the Month" Club Membership Form (Alliance / Horde) from your Brewfest vendor, Belbi Quikswitch (Alliance) or Blix Fixwidget (Horde). This item starts Brew of the Month Club (Alliance / Horde). Completing this quest will make you join the Brew of the Month Club and will complete the Brew of the Month achievement.
    From there on, on the first day of each month, you will receive a sample of the beer of the month by mail:
    Binary Brew: September Autumnal Acorn Ale: October Bartlett's Bitter Brew: November Lord of Frost's Private Label: December Wild Winter Pilsner: January Izzard's Ever Flavor: February Aromatic Honey Brew: March Metok's Bubble Bock: April Springtime Stout: May Blackrock Lager: June Stranglethorn Brew: July Draenic Pale Ale: August Sampling all these beers (it indeed takes a year) grants you the Brew of the Year achievement.
    10. Conclusion
    We hope that this guide will have answered every question you had about Brewfest. If not, we encourage you to leave a comment or contact us by e-mail, we will be happy to address the issue you encountered.
    Because of the Cataclysm, a few things changed since the last edition of Brewfest. We did the necessary testing to ensure that the guide properly takes them into account.
    11. Translations
    The heroes of Azeroth venture into danger for countless reasons, and you’ll encounter seven of the most malignant in the upcoming Emerald Nightmare raid. Meet the twisted creatures who dwell within the once-pristine Emerald Dream, including corrupted druids, dragons, and demigods—along with the malevolent source of the Dream’s deep corruption.
      The Emerald Dream was created by the titans as a blueprint for Azeroth itself—a verdant and perfect mirror that reflects the state of nature had it remained unspoiled by so-called civilization. For many years the druids and keepers who are closest to nature have noticed signs of an unsettling presence stirring within the Dream. Spurred on by the Legion and Nightmare Lord Xavius, that creeping corruption has now burst forth, and will engulf all of Azeroth if it is not rooted out at its source.     Developer Insights: : Ever since the first hints of the Emerald Dream were unearthed in classic World of Warcraft over a decade ago, it has been a place players and developers alike have wanted to explore. From the moment the earliest design documents took shape for Val’sharah, with a story revolving around the Nightmare seeping into a peaceful druidic grove, we had “Emerald Dream raid” penciled in as a central piece of the expansion’s content.     Because of the Dream’s nature as a mirror of our world—initially perfect, but now deeply corrupt—we began by brainstorming specific locations in Azeroth that had strong ties to druidism, and those set pieces served as the building blocks for the raid zone. Of course, showcasing the corrupt Emerald Nightmare does not necessarily scratch that itch to see the verdant and unspoiled Dream itself, glimpsed so many years ago. But if adventurers can persevere through the trials of the Nightmare Lord’s twisted realm, perhaps a piece of the pure Dream can still be reclaimed. . . .     The raid features multiple paths and portals, each taking players deeper into madness of the Emerald Nightmare. Save for Nythendra, Cenarius, and Xavius, the list below does not necessarily reflect the order in which you might encounter these corrupted horrors—but every brave hero should take careful note of who they’ll be facing within the Nightmare.     Minimum level: 110
    Location: Val'sharah
    Bosses:7     Clutch of Corruption     #7–Nythendra- Nythendra was once a member of the Green Dragonflight charged with guarding the world tree, Shaladrassil. When Xavius’ corruption of the Nightmare consumed Shaladrassil it consumed the sleeping guardian as well. Nythendra is now nothing more than a skeletal version of herself, swarming in pestilence, ready to devour anyone or anything foolish enough to enter her lair.     Mulgore     #6–Elerethe Renferal- Elerethe, once a mighty druid and adept shapeshifter, was led down a dark path by the belief that she was betrayed by her closest allies. Her consciousness now resides in the Nightmare, damning her to an existence of fear, confusion, and hatred.     Un’goro Crater     #5–Il’gynoth, Heart of Corruption- Lodged in the hollows of a now decrepit world tree, Il’gynoth is a manifestation of the horrors that lie at the heart of the Nightmare. It is a mass of corruption— a thing that should not be. It’s tendrils seep through the ground, emerging in countless horrifying eyestalks and limbs.     The Emerald Nightmare     #4–Dragons of Nightmare- The Emerald Dream was entrusted to Ysera for safekeeping, and the mightiest of her green dragon brood were assigned to stand watch over four portals that connected directly to Azeroth. But even before the Cataclysm, these dragons began to show signs of corruption. Now, the path to the Nightmare’s core runs through the dragon’s lair.     Grizzly Hills     #3–Ursoc- Ursoc is one of the Wild Gods. Patron of the furbolg, and closely linked to the druidic power of shapeshifting, the ancient great bear has long been a protector of Azeroth. But as Ursoc slumbered at his shrine in the Grizzly Hills, the world around him was plunged into corruption, and he awoke to torment and Nightmare, consuming and twisting his being.     Moonglade     #2–Cenarius- The demigod Cenarius is the father of druidism in Azeroth and one of the world's oldest and most powerful protectors. His disturbing slumber within the groves of Val’sharah was the first sign of the de3pth of the growing threat from within the Nightmare. That dark power now has complete hold over him, and he may lie beyond hope of redemption.     Rift of Aln     #1–Xavius- Once a powerful mage, and a councilor to Queen Azshara, Xavius forged a pact with Sargeras to enable the Legion’s first invasion of Azeroth. Cursed and tormented in the wake of that defeat, Xavius plots vengeance against the world from within the Rift of Aln. Those who venture into the Nightmare will face the full extent of his power, and his true form—a grotesque and distended monstrosity.     Learn more about the complete unlock schedule for this raid dungeon in the Legion Release Schedule post.